Bruno Mad

DJ since 2001, Bruno Mad is the commander of Blood Forest Unlimited netlabel. He was one of the four original founders of Industrial Extreme collective and is active member of undergorund music portals like The Baszdrome or Radical Resistance.

In addition, he has performed at spanish festivals like Early Spirit or Industrial Extreme.

His musical style focuses on the agressive way. A madness trip from enraged Gabber to psychedelic Goa Trance.

Dry Town Freestyle
MC van Fledermaus

DJ since 2003 and producer since 2007, MC van Fledermaus is the commander of Desmodus Productions netlabel. During this time he has published work by labels like BaszDrome Records and Desmodus Productions.

As DJ he has performed at some spanish festivals of groups like UHR and Industrial Extreme.

His musical style focuses on those darker, grim and forceful, moving from Doomcore to Aggrotech or Mentalcore.